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Friends of B.I.W.F South Africa

Posted on 1 May 2018

In addition to the very encouraging and exciting response within South Africa to the re-establishment of a vibrant BIWF movement in the country within my first month of my appointment, during that time there was also an amazing amount of interest expressed from BI's overseas. Following on from the announcement of the new venture on the Friday evening at Buxton, followed by the mention in the August issue of "Life in the BIWF", I was thrilled to receive messages of enthusiastic support from various parts of the Israel-world, together with requests to be kept informed of the progress of the work in South Africa.

To be able to respond in a meaningful way to those who had already shown an interest, and to others who might yet do so, and to strengthen the bonds of fellowship among our Israel brethren, I believe the Lord directed me to the thought of having a "Friends of BIWF South Africa", which I would like to establish. Overseas BI's sign up as members of it, simply by sending their names and contact details. There is no subscription fee, nor do they become in any sense members of the BIWF in South Africa, although any member would be welcome to contribute to the work done in South Africa if he or she feel led to do so. It is a means whereby I can easily and regularly respond to the interest of fellowbelievers overseas, by keeping them informed of the spread of the Israel Message and the work of the BIWF in this country.

"Friends of BIWF South Africa" are kept in touch by means of a monthly e-mail newsletter. It will contain news of all developments and activities taking place, including reports of meetings and conferences held. Photos of these events are included, together with features on some of our interesting members. In this way our overseas friends will get to know us. Friends are also encouraged to regularly pray for the Lord's blessing on our activities.

There will also be a section of the newsletter which helps to make our overseas brethren more aware of the difficult situation in which their Israel kinsfolk are having to live in the South Africa of the present time: - the terrible crime; the murder of our farmers; the difficulty in finding jobs; the economic hardship which so many are now suffering because we, as a people, have forsaken the Lord, His Word and His ways. I have sensed a great lack of awareness of the plight of our people in South Africa, no doubt due to the media in the Western-world suppressing news of the true situation. We do desperately need our fellow-Israelites to pray for our country.

Our overseas friends will also be encouraged to share with us their efforts in spreading the Israel Message in their areas. In turn, these reports can inspire us in South Africa, and give us new ideas.

Let our vision be that whether in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, The Netherlands, Scandinavia or South Africa, we can all press forward together, witnessing and working until the glorious day of the return of our blessed Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

Brenton Boshoff
P.O Box 198, Seadoone, 4141, South Africa


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