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Story of a Stone

Posted on 3 February 2017

When Jacob fled from Esau, and, in Bethel made his bed
Upon the earth, a slab of stone had pillowed Jacob's head.
He dreamed of hosts of angels, who, went up and down a stair,
That reached to heaven from the earth as he lay sleeping there.

He then saw GOD above who said, This land to you I'll give,
Your generations will return and you will surely live.
When Jacob woke, he took the stone and set it in its edge,
He then anointed it with oil and to GOD made a pledge.

He said, to GOD I'll give a tenth of everything I'm given,
This surely is the house of GOD, this is the gate to heaven.
How far has this stone travelled to become the stone of kings?
For transport it was fitted with a set of iron rings.

While in Jerusalem, the kings were crowned upon this tone,
GOD's covenant to David said He'd have an endless throne.
But Judah's sins became so great, GOD had them all removed,
As captives to the Babylons, because he disapproved.

In prison, Zedakiah died, and all his sons were slain,
No one was left to claim the throne or sit on it again.
From then Jerusalem has had no throne up to this day,
For David's throne was rooted out and planted far away.

An earlier story must be told, of Judah's royal twins,
For at their birth a breach was made, and destiny begins.
At birth, the midwife saw a hand, this came out first, said she,
And tied it with a scarlet thread, but 'first' was not to be.

The hand with drew, and then it was, the other twin appears,
This was named Pharez, (meaning breach)
Not healed 'till (meaning breach)
Not healed 'till future years.
The other twin, named Zarah, had descendants of his own,
But David's line from Pharez, were the claimants to the throne.

Prophetic words were spoken as to where the throne would be,
It was to be uprooted, and then planted in the sea
When Zarah's tribe increased, they separated from the rest,
They wandered through the country to the north and to the west.

They crossed the sea to Ireland, to that island in the sea,
And in the course of time this would fulfill the prophecy.
When Rehoboam taxed the land, the House of Judah stayed
The House of Israel broke away, for they were much dismayed.

They sinned, and the Assyrians took captive of them all,
And they became the lost ten tribes, and did from God's grace fall.
God sifted them throughout the lands, they lost identity,
A trail left be the tribe of Dan, showed where they all might be.

Both Ephraim and Manasseh had been blessed with Israel's name,
He prophecied they would be great, and on the earth gain fame.
A company of nations was what Ephraim would be.
Manasseh too, a nation great, would be eventually.

They also had the birthright of a promised land in store,
They'd own this landin years to come and they would move no more.
And so the tribes of Joseph's sons had slowly made their way,
To lands now known as Britain, and on there they were to stay.

Part of the promised land lay west across the deep blue sea,
And here Manasseh would be blessed of Jacob's prophecy.
When Judah's capture was complete, Jerusalem was burned,
GOD's prophet Jeremiah, was released and he returned.

He brought the king's three daughters,
And Baruch his scribe, came too,
God spared them so his prophecies would surely now come true.
One daughter named Tea Tephi, married into Zarah's kin.
The breach was healed and transfer of the thrones could now begin.

Then Jeremiah took them, and a stone called lia-­fail,
And after some disruptions, they to Ireland did set sail.
It was to northern Ireland, that the throne of David went,
But in fulfilling prophecy, to Scotland it was sent.

The final move was England, and in there it was to stay,
Till the Messiah claims HIS throne on HIS returning day.
The throne was overturned three times, and with it went the stone,
Now in its final resting place, it's called the Stone of Scone.

C.G. Harrison,

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