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The New Testament

Posted on 1 February 2017

Matthew and Mark, and Luke and John,
The Holy Gospels wrote,
Describing how the Saviour died -
His life and all He taught;
Acts prove how God the Apostles owned
With signs in every place;
St. Paul, in Romans, teaches us
How man is saved by grace;
The Apostle, in Corinthians,
Instructs, exhorts, reproves;
Galatians shows that faith in Christ
Alone and Father loves.
Ephesians and Philippians tell
What Christians ought to be;
Colossians bids us live to God
And for eternity.
In Thessalonians we are taught
The LORD will come from Heaven;
In Timothy and Titus
A bishop's rule is given.
Philemon marks a Christian's love,
Which only Christians love,
Which only Christians know;
Hebrews reveals the Gospel
Prefigured by the law;
James teaches without holiness
Faith is but van and dead;
St. Peter points the narrow way
In which the saints are led;
John, in his three Epistles,
On love delights to dwell;
St. Jude gives awful warning
Of Judgment, wrath, and hell;
The Revelation prophesies
Of that tremendous day
When Christ, and Christ alone,
Shall be the trembling sinner's stay.

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