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The Only Solution

Posted on 13 January 2023

W.H Bennett
The Canadian British Israel Association

In considering the troubles now afflicting mankind, there is an almost total failure to realize that all of the turmoil and strife and the economic, social and political troubles in the world today are the result of man’s failure to build his world in conformity with the Creator’s Design – his blind and stubborn refusal to live and to conduct his affairs in accordance with the Creator’s Will.

That God did design a world (a social order or way of life) for man, as an integral part of Creation, there can be no doubt. Man and his affairs, being a part of Creation, must have been included in the Creative Concept. Further, in the
Holy Scriptures which are God’s revelation of His Will and Purpose for man, this Divinely planned world or social order is fully described and its constitution and laws, and the record of its demonstration in Israel of old, are clearly set worth.

In the Scriptures, this Divine social order is called the Kingdom of God. It is His Kingdom not only because He designed it, but because, in it, all departments of human affairs are conducted and governed in accordance with His Will as expressed in Law.

This Legal Code, called in the Scriptures “the commandments, statues and judgments of the Lord,” applies to every phase of human life and conduct, public as well as private, national and international, political, social, financial and economic. Further, the Scriptures repeatedly and emphatically warn us that only when we obey these Laws implicitly and IN ALL THINGS can we have peace and plenty and righteousness in human affairs.

Yet, down through the ages, man has stubbornly refused to heed this warning, with the result that he has suffered the inevitable penalties of poverty and famine, flood and drought, sickness and disease, tyranny, oppression and war,
instead of having the perfect health, peace and plenty which the Creator intended.

For this condition Christians are largely responsible. They have professed to believe in the Sacred Scriptures as the Word of God, but they have not obeyed His Will as revealed therein. Deceived by false shepherds who taught that acceptance of the Christ released men from the necessity of obedience to God’s Laws, they have not heeded the words of Him they profess to serve: “Think not that I am to destroy the law…I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law.” (Matt. 5:17-18).

Thus in our Lord’s own words we have definite assurance, and a strong warning, that God’s Laws are immutable. Not only would it be easier for the heavens and the earth to pass away than for any of God’s Laws to fail but, as a matter of fact, the heavens and the earth, including man and his world, WOULD dissolve into nothingness if any of God’s Laws failed to operate for even an instant.

Further, these Laws are not only inevitable in their working, but the effect of their working is either good or ill depending on whether or not man governs his affairs in accordance with them. When obeyed, they work for man’s benefit, bringing health, wealth, peace and happiness, but when disobeyed they bring poverty and distress, famine and sickness, oppression, turmoil and war.

Viewed in the light of this tremendous fact, the true nature of present world conditions becomes apparent. For ages man has blindly and stubbornly worked to build a world without taking into account those changeless Laws of Right and Wrong which the Creator has established for the government of human life and conduct. The inevitable and cumulative effect of this error is the appalling condition of turmoil and strife, and the hopeless political, social and economic troubles, in the world today.

For these troubles there is but ONE solution. We MUST change our ways. We must bring our affairs into harmony with the Creator’s Design by complete and wholehearted obedience to His Laws in ALL departments of our affairs. In this way way and in this way only can we solve our present troubles and bring into being that better way of life which the Creator intended for us.

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