The Napkin is Still Folded

Posted on 9 April 2017
JOHN 20:1-­7 Concept for this sermon originally preached by Dr. Clyde Box. I received many questions as to the historicity of the «Napkin Legend»...Dr. Box reportedly says it comes from an «old book» on his shelf. When I present this publicly I make this clarification and do not present it as a fact, but focus on the truths it illustrates.
In Bible days, when someone died, it was the duty of a family member to close the eyes and kiss the cheek of...
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When the Enemy Stood at Attention

Posted on 4 April 2017
Three Scottish privates and a corporal had been cut off during a fierce engagement in a Belgian town preceding Dunkirk. Taking refuge in a loft of an empty house they waited for what seemed to be certain death. Outside they heard shooting, looting and setting fire to buildings. Suddenly the corporal said, "Lads, it is time for church parade, let's have a wee bit of service here; it may be our last." The men looked a bit astonished for a moment, but after placing their rif...
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An Ancient People

Posted on 3 April 2017
ISRAEL   Original Name   KUMRI Assyrian name   GHIMRI   Babylonian name } Israel names, well known to Archaeologists GHIMRI Bablonian name   SAKAE   Persian name } Names linked by the "Behistun Rock&q...
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The 3,000-year-old fragment of pottery that leading experts claims Could prove that Old Testament stories are True.

Posted on 2 April 2017
Archaeologists discovered small piece of pottery with writing on it last year found in modern day Israel, the 3000-year-old Ophel Inscription was originally though to have Biblical Canaanite language on it. The piece of pottery was found in Ophel near the temple Mount in Jerusalem. Now expert believes mysterious language is Hebrew, which could prove that ancient Israelites recorded history much earlier that originally thought could mean Bible stories of King David and King Solomon were...
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Story of a Stone

Posted on 3 February 2017
When Jacob fled from Esau, and, in Bethel made his bed
Upon the earth, a slab of stone had pillowed Jacob's head.
He dreamed of hosts of angels, who, went up and down a stair,
That reached to heaven from the earth as he lay sleeping there. He then saw GOD above who said, This land to you I'll give,
Your generations will return and you will surely live.
When Jacob woke, he took the stone and set it in its edge,
He then anointed it with oil and to GOD made a pledge. ...
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Explanation of the Symbolism in the B.I.Logo

Posted on 2 February 2017
The use of the British-Israel Logo in all its variants is reserved for identification of Federation affiliated bodies. As the British-Israel-World Federation emerged from this background, it did not in any way try to change orthodox church doctrines regarding the nature and person of Jesus Christ the Second Person of the Trinity, the Word made Flesh, crucified, risen and ascended, now seated at the right hand of God, the coming King, Lord, Redeemer of Israel and Saviour of all those of...
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How Old is Anglo-Saxon Truth?

Posted on 1 February 2017
Dating from the year A.D. 655 to the year 1634 over one hundred and fifty references to the identity of the Anglo-Saxon people with ancient Israel have been discovered. They were all reprinted in the "British Israelite" for 1879 and 1880. The ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE, part of which in its present form we know dates from A.D. 892, and which preserves the great common stock of the mouth-to-ear-handed-down history of our people, is almost a continuation of the Bible in its method a...
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"Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord" Julia Ward 1819-1910

Posted on 1 February 2017
We all know what it means to be "stirred" in our souls by certain hymns and music. Some people are mysteriously moved by music played in the minor key and others rejoice in what have come to be known as "great Hymns" The hymn quoted above was written in December 1861, six months after the outbreak of the American Civil War. Mrs. Howe (nee Ward) heard the Union troops singing the ballad "John Brown's body" as they marched to the fray and it was suggeste...
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Great Christian Hymns

Posted on 1 February 2017
THE NINETY AND NINE Elizabeth Douglas Clephane ( 1830-1869 ), author of the hymn The Ninety and Nine, which was made famous in the 1870s by Dwight L. Moody's singing evangelist Ira D. Sankey, was a Scottish Presbyterian, and on the distaff side, a descendant of the renowned Douglas family. In Melrose, not far from Walter Scott's home at Abbotsford, she settled won with her sister; and there, to the limit of their strength and substance, the two sisters shared what they had with...
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Posted on 1 February 2017
[The Red Sea Crossing]  by Jonathan Gray The desert pushed right down to the water's edge. And as Sayid, our Egyptian friend, packed the sleeping gear on to the roof rack, Paul watched the sun climb over the sea. If we were not mistaken, there was something quite startling down there on the floor of the Red Sea. But this whole saga began much, much earlier... in the ancient land of Egypt. Splendour of Egypt Egypt... The very name evokes feelings of romance ...
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